This pipe cleaner craft is perfect for a rainy day like it is today here in Ontario. Use this craft to keep a young child’s attention & practice essential language skills.

dragon fly description picture.png

Here is how to make the craft:

  • bend the pipe cleaner depicted in (A)

  • do the same to the other side (B)

  • wrap the ‘wings’ around the popsicle stick (C)

  • do the same thing with the lower ‘wings’ (D)

  • wrap pipe cleaner around the stick, the ‘body’ of the dragonfly (D)

  • glue the eyes

When practicing language skills you can work on the following:

  • use pronouns or other grammatical markers (e.g. plurals) when you make the craft for mom or dad (e.g. What does mom or dad want? “He wants a green dragonfly” “She wants blue wings”). You can modify this depending on your goals.

  • describe what you or the child are doing using words like ‘wrapping’, ‘bending’, ‘twisting’, ‘gluing’ etc.,

  • ask the child what we should do next to make it.

  • give lots of choices on how to make it by asking the child where the wings should go, eyes should go, what colour he/she would like etc.,


Share this resource with your friends and let me know in the comments below what your go-to crafts are.