When Should My Child See a Speech Therapist?

Typically, when children have errors saying the ‘g’ sound (e.g. saying “doat” for ‘goat’), I start working with them in the summer before they enter Junior Kindergarten (JK) and during JK (in Canada).

Children who have speech sound disorders or delays are at risk for literacy difficulties down the road. Because of this, I like to include books, vocabulary, and phonological awareness skills in my therapy sessions to build on their literacy skills. Phonological awareness (i.e. the ability to recognize and work with sounds) is important because it is a basis for reading.

I make it easy for you to practice while on vacation!

In the Articulation G Sound I include materials for building literacy skills (e.g. mini books, vocabulary, phonological awareness). This package can be printed, or you can view it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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