When Should My Child See a Speech Therapist?

Typically, when children have errors saying the ‘k’ sound, such as by saying “tar” for ‘car’ or “tootie” for ‘cookie’, I begin working with them before entering Junior Kindergarten (JK) and during JK (in Canada).

I follow a process in teaching the ‘k’ sound that I wanted to make more accessible to parents, caregivers, home school teachers, and daycare providers (to name a few).

For example, in my first therapy session I read mini books that emphasize the ‘k’ sound and I teach the child how to ‘hear and recognize’ the sound. I will shape play dough to demonstrate the sound, and then I will elicit the sound in the child.

In the Articulation K Sound I explain exactly what to do with your child. I include visuals, mini books, and essential flashcards for practicing the sound. The package can be printed, or you can view it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Articulation K Sound
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