Make fake snow at home or in Speech-Language therapy to practice many skills.

Making fake snow is easy and it’s great for sensory play. I made it a couple days ago and I have used it with 3-4 year olds who are working on both articulation and language goals. All you do is combine hair conditioner with baking soda.

3 cups of baking soda
½ cup of hair conditioner


I bought a single box of the baking soda (500g) which only amounted to approximately 2 cups, so I estimated how much hair conditioner to put in. I bought a hair conditioner that was on sale, which happened to have a strong lavender scent. You may want to consider the scent of the conditioner that you use. I recommend keeping this mixture in a plastic container with a lid (pictured below).


Mix the two ingredients until you get a texture that looks like snow, is soft, and sticks together. I would add more conditioner until I got the desired texture that would allow me to clump the ‘snow’ into a ball in my hand. If it’s too wet, then add more baking soda.


One child and I were working on applying the skills she has learned in both speech and language practice (e.g. ‘l’ sound, using pronouns). We were also practicing slowing our speech down. I found this fake snow activity helpful for practicing multiple goals at ‘more advanced’ stages. Specifically, she wasn’t learning the skills for the first time, we had already practiced them over several weeks.

I used the snow and had a couple plastic molds from a play dough set to help give us topics to talk about (i.e. mold of a snowman or tree depicted below). I also had a male and a female figurine so we could use sentences such as, “she has a snowman” or “he has a tree”. We practiced clear speech and slower talking rate while using sentences like, “It smells like…”, “It looks like…”, and “it feels like…”.


I had many opportunities to model the language skills, expand on her utterances, and even practice auditory comprehension indirectly. We had a couple instances where she had an opportunity to self-correct grammar. The best part - she loved it!

As you can tell from the picture below, some of the fake snow spilled onto our play mat. You should know that it was very easy to clean up with wipes and a vacuum cleaner.

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