Get your toddler talking more with this easy and fun spider craft.

There are a variety of words and sentences your child will begin to understand and use around 24-36 months of age.

At this age, children begin using words to describe locations such as in and on (e.g. hat on). They may also understand and use words like up, down, away, out, over, under, here, and there.

25-28 months: toddlers can use negative sentences by saying no to say that something is gone or away (e.g. no cookie).

Toddlers begin to use ongoing action words that end in -ing like running and walking before they are two years old. First, children will say “baby crying” before saying, “baby is crying”. The age range that children have mastered using -ing action words is between 19-28 months.

Finally toddlers begin using regular plurals (words like cows, shoes) between 27-33 months. Before this, toddlers will use more such as more cow or a number like two cow to say that there is more than one thing.

Overall, by 24 months, toddlers may be able to use 200-300 words. By 30 months around 450 words, and by 36 months they may be using over 1,000 words.

I used this simple, low cost, activity with many children this past week to practice all of these language skills and more (e.g. requesting). I designed this ‘Spider Play’ activity and it happens to be great for Halloween. The purpose of sharing this is to show you how you can practice language skills using any low cost, activity at home. You don’t have to go to a store to buy it, and it doesn’t have to light up and make noises.

Simply cut out the spider, and glue it together while modeling specific words and encouraging your child to speak with you.

Watch for ideas on which words to model, and download the free resource below the video.

Below is the free product (click ‘get this!’):

If you’re concerned about your child’s speech/language development, contact a Speech-Language Pathologist.